About Me

My name is Jaina. Except it's not, really, because I can't give my real one for safety reasons. I have three Poodles, a Dalmatian, and a Maine Coon cat. Wait, nope, not true either. That one isn't for safety, I just thought that sounded fun! I do have one Boxer, though, just about the cutest and sweetest dog ever (maybe I'll post a pic sometime!), and a cat who's . . . Um, a cat.

Let's see, what else? My goldfish just died two weeks ago. We put his tank up in the attic today, and I'm grieving a bit right now. Rumor on the street is that brine shrimp (whatever those are) will be under the tree next week, though. I'm told that yes, those really are real animals. And people really keep them as pets.

I'm a teen (no, don't leave! I don't read vampire books! Or devil books! Or books where everybody dies! Or - well really, I think that just covered everything in the teen section). I'm the oldest kid in my family. I say that means I know what I'm doing, but my siblings say it just makes me bossy. Hmmph.

I love to read. That's why I'm book blogging instead of just making a regular blog - I'd rather talk about books than about myself. I also love to write: my first book was finished a while ago and I'm plugging away on the next. Haha, don't be too impressed! When I say "finished," I mean I hit "The End." Which, true, was really hard - but it's nowhere near ready for publishing. Much as I would like it to be, considering how much I hate editing. I pull the manuscript out now and then, glance it over ruefully and make a few minor changes, but always just stick it back where I found it and turn away in despair before I can get any real work done on it. Yes, I know I'm lazy. No, that doesn't mean I'm fine-tuning it anytime soon. Anyway, it's the holidays. I'm busy. *crafty grin*


  1. lol you're wit and humour is great - nice to meet you :) Best of luck with your blog and your witting.

  2. Thanks, Lisa Jane! :) Good luck to you, too.

  3. HI Jaina,
    I hope you enjoy 100 Dresses: If the Magic Fits when you get around to reading it. I wrote it because of my least favorite book as a child: The Hundred Dresses by Elanor Estes. You should hunt down a copy of that at your local library if you've never read it. And see what you think.
    It's hard to be your own editor. BUT you hit the end of a first draft, which most would-be writers never do. So congratulations, that's great start. Now let me give you a piece of friendly writing advice. Put the first manuscript in a drawer, someplace nice and safe, and write your second book. The best secret to becoming a better writer is to write another book. I think you'll find that you grow a little with each one. And some day, you'll reach the point where you have something you truly are excited about stopping to edit and revise and polish.
    Best wishes on that!


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