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Hello, and welcome to Read Till Dawn! My name is Jaina, and I'm the owner and operator of this little blog devoted to my favorite past-time–reading! Here you will find reviews of a huge amount of books ranging the gamut of genres and audiences, with a specific focus on middle-grade and young adult novels as well as historical fiction/nonfiction. I review nearly every book I read, so you're bound to find a book here that will please your fancy. If you've come here specifically for recommendations, I suggest you check out my top ten favorite books and authors at these respective links.

Now for a little bit about me. I'm a first-year student at a university in Scotland. I am not Scottish, though, just American. I'm studying here because I wanted an adventure. After all, isn't that what we look for in a book–adventure? I'm happy to answer any and all questions anyone might have about applying to/attending college internationally, though for now I'm keeping most of my posts on Read Till Dawn strictly focused on books rather than travel. We'll see how the first year goes, though, that may change if I have enough free time (and/or cool pics!) to make destination posts feasible.

Other than the whole college-in-Scotland thing, I'm not really too interesting. I love books (duh!), music, history, languages, swimming, organizing things, and trying (unsuccessfully) to figure out how people tick. I'm studying computer science and economics in college, with a third first-year focus in geography (which is sort of like environmental science in the U.S. minus all the icky science classes). I have no idea what I'll be doing four years from now, let alone ten, but I know that it will be something that I truly believe in.

Well, that's me in a nutshell. I still don't know you, though! Please do reach out to me in the comments section below or email me offer post ideas or just say hi at ireadtilldawn@gmail.com. As for now, I suppose I'll just end with adieu–or no, better yet: a proper Scottish "cheers!"


  1. lol you're wit and humour is great - nice to meet you :) Best of luck with your blog and your witting.

  2. Thanks, Lisa Jane! :) Good luck to you, too.

  3. HI Jaina,
    I hope you enjoy 100 Dresses: If the Magic Fits when you get around to reading it. I wrote it because of my least favorite book as a child: The Hundred Dresses by Elanor Estes. You should hunt down a copy of that at your local library if you've never read it. And see what you think.
    It's hard to be your own editor. BUT you hit the end of a first draft, which most would-be writers never do. So congratulations, that's great start. Now let me give you a piece of friendly writing advice. Put the first manuscript in a drawer, someplace nice and safe, and write your second book. The best secret to becoming a better writer is to write another book. I think you'll find that you grow a little with each one. And some day, you'll reach the point where you have something you truly are excited about stopping to edit and revise and polish.
    Best wishes on that!


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