Review Policy

[NOTE: I am attending university in Scotland and only review physical copies of books. If you contact me, please be willing to either mail a copy to Scotland or wait for me to pick it up from my parents' house over the Christmas/summer holiday.]

Genre: I enjoy almost all genres, from middle grade fiction to adult nonfiction. My favorites include sci-fi, fantasy, fairytale retellings, and biographies of important people from history. I started out primarily reviewing middle grade books, and those are still often my preference, but I am open to YA as well.

Objectionable content: I do not enjoy, and will not favorably review, books with terrible language, erotica or just too much sex in general, a flagrant disrespect for Christianity, or really gory/senseless violence. I also don't enjoy books with too much paranormal content.

Previous reviews: To get a better feel for the type of books I like to review, I recommend you take a look at my review page.

Review copy details: I prefer hard copies over ebooks, so please do not ask me to review a digital copy of your book. I reserve the right to not review any book I receive, but I do review the vast majority of the books I receive. If there's a specific day you'd like me to post a review I will try to accommodate that, and will let you know up front whether or not I'll be able to make it happen. Otherwise, I post reviews according to my own schedule. I post all reviews on Goodreads (my account), and am willing upon request to put them on Books-A-Million as well. Please note that I do NOT have an Amazon account connected to Read Till Dawn, so I won't post my review of your book on there.

Responding to queries: I would like to respond to each and every review request that I receive, but because of time restrictions I only respond to those that I am going to accept.

Thank you for considering me to review your book! If you feel your book meets my policy, then please send me a query at I look forward to hearing from you!

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