Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas, Some Announcements, and a List of Rick Riordan Cliches

Hello, readers! Isn't today such a wonderful time? Is there anything more delightful than coming down the stairs and seeing the Christmas tree lit up with all the presents underneath it, just waiting to be opened? Well, maybe: the joy you get watching family members open the presents you picked out for them! Well, today I have a little present for you. A while ago, I asked for help compiling a list of Rick Riordan clichés. I got some great feedback, but had wrist surgery the week I was planning to write out the list of clichés, and never quite got around to it while I was recovering. Well, I'm still recovering, but I think it's about time to get that list published.

Also, that's not the only Christmas present I have for you! I am now resolving to post reviews twice a week instead of once a week, now that my schedule is a less hectic. Call it an early New Year's resolution if you want, but I am determined to double my production. And I'm sure I can do it! I was just being lazy, posting once a week. So now here's the official schedule: I will will post reviews on Mondays and Fridays. I will still also do Teaser Tuesdays on Tuesdays (I guess that's kind of obvious!), giving you a sneak peek at Friday's reviews. The Monday reviews will be mysteries: you won't know what they will be ahead of time.

I already started my new schedule this week. You may have noticed my review of Spell Robbers on Monday. Click here to read it if you haven't gotten a chance yet.

Without further ado, I present to you:

Read Till Dawn's "Rick Riordan Cliches"

1. Love stories. With angst. Cause someone's always wondering if their girlfriend/boyfriend really likes them as much as they say.
2. Land ship. Fight monsters. Leave. Repeat.
3. This can't possibly get any worse. Oh wait, it just did!
4. Every character has to have some kind of internal fear/something they're hiding from the team. If not related to cliche #2, these fears usually turn out to be really important to the plot
5. There's a prophesy that seems horrible, but in the end we discover a different way to intrepret the prophecy, and now no one has to die.
6. The gods. They're SO USELESS, except for when they're vital to the plot.
7. Characters who suddenly have mysterious, special powera (like how Leo can summon fire and Frank can change into animals)
8. Characters who have dead parents (Frank, Hazel, Leo, etc)
9. Underdogs who always turn out on the top

I'm posting tomorrow's review early as a final Christmas present. Click here to read my review of Dragon Slippers, and have a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Yay more reviews! I absolutely love reading reviews from all the bloggers I follow because it gives me a chance to find books that I would be interested in! Can't wait to read some of them :D

    Have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Thanks, Alex! Merry Christmas to you, too. And sorry the links to the reviews didn't work before, I just got them up and running.


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