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Home by Adam Leitman Bailey, 2018

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Home takes children on a journey using their own eyes to visit many different places to live while providing a touching story about the importance of family over all else. It is the story about a young boy from a small apartment in a big city who dreams about other types of homes. The boy goes out on a colorful adventure to visit many different homes – from a large house in the suburbs to an igloo to a farmhouse – and meets families wherever he goes. The boy enjoys visiting each residence, but at the conclusion of his trip, he comes to a realization...

This is a story about the importance of love and family over all else.

(21 pages)

I don't make a habit of reading or reviewing children's books, but once in a while an invitation to do so comes along and I shrug and agree. It's nice to read something simple once in a while, you know?

This is an extremely simple book. Each two-page spread has just a few pages of text, and the rest of the paper is taken up with illistrations. We see the boy exploring a large variety of different homes, from a big mansion to a farm to a trailer park and a bird's nest. Each home seems like a pretty cool place to live, with nice and friendly people and fun things to do, so the boy's realization that his home is the best (because it has his family) seems a little bit of a leap.

It's perfectly true, though. And I think parents and kids would enjoy reading this simple story around bedtime. The illustrations are peaceful and pretty, in the same style as on the cover, and the book on the whole is a nice, pleasant bedtime story which parents hopefully won't get too sick of even after many repetitions.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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