Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Ten Most-Read Authors

When I first saw this week's prompt, I thought this would be really easy. All I had to do was go check out my most-read authors on Goodreads and write down the first ten, right? Well, wrong. Because I'm working on it, but I haven't yet added every book I've ever read to my Goodreads account. So while the first few authors are correct (mostly - because I've actually read even more than Goodreads thinks) the rest are sort of muddled. So my list is based off of my Goodreads list, but modified to reflect reality. Links go to my reviews.

10. J.K. Rowling
Heh, she probably doesn't really belong on this list. But hey, I've read seven of her books! And they were great books! And I didn't know who exactly to put here, so I put her!

9. Rick Riordan
Let's see, there are five Percy Jackson books, five Heroes of Olympus books, and three Kane Chronicles books. So that makes thirteen Rick Riordan books I've read, not even counting the three Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossovers (which I don't - I've only read two of them). I read all of his books, I just wish I could say I enjoyed all of them. I adored the original Percy Jackson books, though, so that's good. It's also what propelled me through the less-awesome Heroes of Olympus books.

8. Joan Aiken
Ah, now here's a childhood favorite! I honestly don't really know how many of her books I've read (though now I think about it, probably enough that she should be a lot higher on the list. Oops.), but I do know I've read a lot. I've read almost all of the Dido Twite books (which are awesome, by the way!), as well as at least some, if not all of the Felix Brooke trilogy (which I read when I was, like, eight, so I don't remember). I still get sucked into her books like nobody's business.

7. Wendy Mass
The Willow Falls books rank very highly on my favorites list, as I'm sure you've figured out by now, but I've also read almost all of her books: Every Soul a Star, A Mango-Colored Space, The Candymakers, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, the Twice Upon a Time trilogy, and many more. I count twelve books just from the ones I listed (Willow Falls has five books), and I'm pretty sure there are more than that.

6. E.D. Baker
I'm not really sure she should be this high on the list, but I did read like eight of her Frog Princess books, plus three of those Princess books and two Wings books. That only makes thirteen, but let me tell you - it felt like more. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Mostly.

5. Jessica Day George
Let's see, there are the two trilogies (Dragons and The Princesses of Westfalin), the three Castle Glower books, the standalone Sun and Moon, Ice and Snowand - wait, I thought there was more than that. Nope, just checked Goodreads, I was wrong. I mean, there was also Silver in the Blood but I haven't read that (and don't plan to). If I were a less lazy girl, I would shift her name farther down the list. As it is, she's staying here because I don't want to re-number like half of my authors over again.

4. Gordon Korman
Now this one, I know for real should be up here. I've read almost all of his books, including the long Swindle series, all five of his trilogies (Island, Kidnapped, Everest, Dive, and The Hypnotists), the On the Run books, the first Masterminds book, and his 39 Clues contributions, not to mention all the awesome standalones like No More Dead Dogs and Ungifted. From series alone, I count like twenty books. That's a lot of books! That's a lot of good books!

3. Carolyn Keen (and company)
Yes, I realize all of the Nancy Drew books weren't written by one author named Carolyn Keene. But you know what? I don't care. They have her name on their cover, so this counts. And I read so many Nancy Drews when I was younger, I knew I had to put this on here. Sure, they aren't the shiny and exciting new books that a lot of these other authors' books are, but they're classics and I loved them. Still do, actually. I know it's juvenile, but I can't read just one Nancy Drew - if I pick one up, I zip through like ten.

2. Margaret Peterson Haddix
Ah, here we have the author whose writing I am probably most devoted to. I will literally read anything Margaret Peterson Haddix puts out, no matter how terrible the synopsis makes it sound. I haven't read one book by her that I didn't like - and I've read all 30+ of her books (including Full Ride, Leaving Fishers, Double Identity, and Claim to Fame), so that really means something.

1. Agatha Christie
Pah, I was going to put Margaret Peterson Haddix at the top of my list until I realized that the spot had to be reserved for somebody else. Who else but the queen of mystery could take the top of my most-read authors list? I've been reading her murder mysteries for like eight years now, and have consumed quite a few of them.

So there we go. I got a bit muddled in the middle, but my top choices came out all right. Anyway, it's close enough, isn't it? Considering this is all based on my memory of reading books stretching back to when I was six years old, I think this is fine. What about you? What are your most-read authors? I'd love to know!


  1. I had Rowling and Riordan on my list, too. I ended up just doing authors I've read within the past five or so years, but chances are my list would've been very different if I counted books all the way back to when I was six or seven . . . I think I read every Magic Tree House book in existence.

    My TTT: http://thespellboundreader.blogspot.com/2015/08/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-authors-ive.html

    1. Haha, I was the same with the Droon books. I must've read like thirty of those suckers. Thanks for stopping by, Ellie!

  2. We have several similarities to our lists! That's awesome. I have not read a lot of Agatha Christie but I want to. I definitely found myself focusing on childhood authors more. Great list!

    Check out my TTT: https://greenishbookshelf.wordpress.com/2015/08/11/top-10-tuesday-authors-ive-read-the-most-books-from/

    1. Yeah, when you're little you read like fifty books by the same author. You should definitely read some more Agatha Christie books!

  3. Fantastic list this week! I just love the theme.

    My TTT: http://tsundokubooks.blogspot.com/2015/08/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-authors-ive.html

    1. Thanks, Sam! This week's prompt was awesome, I agree. Definitely one of my favorites.

  4. I adore Jessica Day George's books and i cannot BELIEVE I forgot about Nancy Drew books today!
    My TTT

    1. Haha, I almost forgot to put the Nancy Drew books. :P Jessica Day George's books are the best!

  5. Man my sister LOVED all the Nanci Drew books while we were growing up and I mean ALL of them :)
    My ttt

    1. Yeah, I absolutely loved Nancy Drew books (and can still occasionally get drawn into one), but my sister doesn't like them at all. She just never got into them. Thanks for stopping by, Renee!


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